Mobile SDDC Guide Part 2 – vSphere Deployment

In part 2 of the Mobile SDDC Guide, we will deploy vSphere/vCenter Server appliances and configure the nested virtualized environment (also known as nested ESXi). This entry contains information of the deployment and configuration.

This video will contain all the functions used for this part of the Mobile SDDC script:

Appliance Deployment:

  • 1 x DNS-NTP Server Appliance
    • Created by Wen Bin Tay
    • Installed with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11 SP3
    • Named as dns-ntp
    • Deployed in the management-cluster
    • Provides DNS and NTP services
  • 1 x vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)
    • Obtained directly from VMware’s downloads
    • Named as vcsa
    • Deployed in the management-cluster
    • Manages the entire virtualized environment
  • 2 x Nested ESXi Appliance
    • Obtained from William Lam’s blog post
    • Named as n-esxi51 and n-esxi52
    • Deployed as virtual machines in the management-cluster
    • Added as hosts in the compute-cluster
    • Acts as virtualized servers for the 3-tier web app

Environment Configuration:

  • 1 x logical datacenter: nsx-datacenter
  • 2 x logical clusters: management-cluster and compute-cluster
  • 1 x vSphere distributed switch: nsx-vds
  • 2 x distributed virtual port groups: vds-management-network and vds-vm-network

Functions in Mobile SDDC Script:

Each function is colored in blue and emboldened.
Running each function will perform configurations detailed in the bullet points.


  • Deploys dns-ntp
    • dns-ntp is a pre-configured DNS-NTP Server Appliance
  • Configures the network interface of dns-ntp


  • Deploys vcsa
    • vcsa is a fresh copy of the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA)
    • vcsa is embedded with Platform Services Controller (PSC)
  • Configures the vcsa using a JSON file


  • Creates nsx-datacenter with management-cluster and compute-cluster
  • Enables manual DRS on management-cluster and compute-cluster
  • Adds p-esxi50 (parent ESXi) to the management-cluster
  • Enables promiscious mode on p-esxi50


  • Deploys n-esxi51 and n-esxi52 (nested ESXis)
  • Renames datastores to n-esxi51-ds1 and n-esxi52-ds1
  • Adds n-esxi51 and n-esxi52 to compute-cluster


  • Creates nsx-vds
  • Creates vds-management-network and vds-vm-network on nsx-vds


  • Migrates n-esxi51 and n-esxi52 to nsx-vds
  • Migrates vmnic0 and vmnic1 on nested ESXi to nsx-vds
  • Migrates vmk0 (Management Network Kernel) to vds-management-network


  • Applies licenses to vcsa, p-esxi50n-esxi51 and n-esxi52