Mobile SDDC Guide Part 3 – NSX Deployment

In part 3 of the Mobile SDDC Guide, we will deploy the NSX appliances and enable NSX for the nested virtualized environment. This entry contains information of the deployment and configuration.

This video will contain all the functions used for this part of the Mobile SDDC script:

Appliance Deployment:

  • 1 x NSX Manager Appliance
  • 1 x NSX Controller
    • Deployed via NSX plugin in vCenter Server
    • Named as nsx-controller
    • Deployed in the compute-cluster

Environment Configuration:

  • 2 x IP pools: nsx-controller-ip-pool and vtep-ip-pool
  • Increase MTU size on nsx-vds1600
  • Install NSX VIBs and enable VTEP on compute-clusteresx-vsip and esx-vxlan
  • Assign segment ID range for VXLAN: 5000-5999
  • 1 x transport zone for NSX: transport-zone

Functions in Mobile SDDC Script:

Each function is colored in blue and emboldened.
Running each function will perform configurations detailed in the bullet points.


  • Deploys nsxmgr
    • nsxmgr is a fresh copy of the NSX Manager Appliance
  • Configures memory allocation on nsxmgr
    • Reduced from 16GB to 12 GB (not supported for production)
  • Registers vcsa as SSO on nsxmgr
  • Registers vcsa as vCenter Server on nsxmgr


  • Creates nsx-controller-ip-pool
  • Deploys nsx-controller
    • nsx-controller is created via the NSX plugin in vCenter Server
    • nsx-controller is assigned with an IP address from nsx-controller-ip-pool


  • Applies NSX license to nested virtualized environment
    • NSX license is required to install NSX VIBs on n-esxi51 and n-esxi52 (nested ESXis)
  • Increases MTU size on nsx-vds to 1600
  • Creates vtep-controller-ip-pool
  • Configures VTEP and enable NSX on compute-cluster
    • esx-vsip and esx-vxlan (NSX VIBs) are installed on n-esxi51 and n-esxi52
    • n-esxi51 and n-esxi52 are assigned with IP addresses from vtep-controller-ip-pool
  • Configures segment ID range from 5000 to 5999
  • Configures transport-zone
    • transport-zone only spans across the compute-cluster